Who Are We?

We support software companies, SaaS companies, agencies and digital units with the filling software developer positions.

CODA.TECH specializes in nearshore development and outsourcing development teams for software companies, SaaS companies, digital agencies and digital units. Our headquarters for key account management is located in Stuttgart. We have branches in many European countries, including Kosovo, Spain, Albania, Georgia and Armenia. We have access to more than 1,000 CVs annually and can assemble development teams for clients at short notice.

Motivation, trust, honesty and fairness

We live a cooperative partnership at eye level and stand for transparent, open and honest communication in our actions. We are a dream team of code gurus and creative minds – 100% motivated, 100% genuine, 100% CODA.TECH!


As founders of successful companies, we have been involved in several software projects. Thus we can say that there are different factors that can determine the success or the failure of a project: Tools, Processes, Techniques and methodologies, Available technologies, Planning.

Nevertheless, no matter how important those factors might be, the key that determines the success of a project is the team of people responsible for its fulfillment.

In the end, software is made by people. How are we going to build high quality software if we don’t have a good team of developers and testers responsible for its design and its maintenance? Every entrepreneur should be able to build a good software product without compromise.

We are now part of one of the largest owner-managed digital agency groups in Germany, the DigitalNativeAlliance. As a group, we are even stronger for our customers and always have our finger on the pulse.


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Andre Schultewolter
General Manager DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Bardh Kadiu

Bardh Kadiu
General Manager SEE
& Co-Founder


Torsten Löhr
General Manager IBNA
(Iberia & North Africa)


Eugeni Khodzkin
General Manager EE
(East Europe)

About Us

CODA.TECH specializes in nearshore development and outsourcing development teams for small and medium-sized digital agencies and digital units. Our headquarter is in Stuttgart, Germany. We have access to a yearly 1.000 CVs of experienced developers in the entire European region.