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From a pool of over 1,000 CVs annually, we can assemble a customized, dedicated team on short notice to meet your needs!

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recruting effort reduce

CODA.TECH takes over the hiring and recruiting of suitable developers and supports and accompanies you throughout the entire process

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Geographical & cultural proximity to the D/A/CH market

We work in the same time zone & you can reach us in 2h flight time on average

The CODA.TECH Dedicated Development Team in the office

Reduce total costs of development

No personnel or non-wage costs – we cover the costs of office rent, equipment and infrastructure

Remote is our principle, with offices all over Europe.

We are closely networked with our German location in Stuttgart and the local management, which allows us to optimally respond to the quality demands of our customers.

We currently have offices in:
  • Malaga (Spain)
  • Prishtina (Kosovo)
  • Skopje (North Macedonia)
  • Tirana (Albania)
  • Georgien
  • Armenien
We also employ staff in Turkey, Morocco, Belarus and Russia.


CODA.TECH offers you cooperation without a minimum contract period, with notice periods starting from 2 weeks. 
and a cost discount throughout the onboarding process.

We work with modern,
zukunftsweisenden Technologien

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Symfony is our base

All of our technologies and most of our customers use Symfony as the base framework for their products and projects.


Pimcore as platform base

With Pimcore our customers realize platforms, DAM and PIM systems as well as portal solutions.

Shopware Logo

We are 100% Shopware

The modular structure of the architecture offers our customers the simple possibility to build e-commerce platforms.

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We support in B2B and B2C

We provide support services for small and medium sized Spryker agencies by being able to provide and build development resources on short notice.

What Our Customers Say About Us

In 5 steps to the dedicated developer team

Procedure of team building with CODA.TECH

Initial meeting

Framework agreement & initial identification of requirements


potential developer candidates from our pool


Joint narrowing of the candidate selection

Job interview

between you and the top candidates

Seal the Deal

Final selection of applicants & conclusion of contract

Get in touch!

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Your contact at CODA.TECH in Germany

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Andre Schultewolter
General Manager D/A/CH

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Frequently asked questions and answers

It is a team of software developers specifically tailored to the needs of the customer. The team consists of experienced experts recruited specifically for the coordinated needs of the client. The dedicated team serves as an extension and as a support to an existing local development team of the customer and integrates seamlessly into all processes within the company. Dedicated teams enable a rapid build-up of resources required for development at short notice and can be flexibly adapted and scaled at any time. CODA.TECH’s services include development based on modern technologies such as Shaopware and Spryker and basic services such as development with PHP, Java and Symfony / Laravel.

The advantages of nearshore cooperation with a dedicated team are speed, flexibility and cost reduction. The recruiting process runs more efficiently and cost-effectively than in the domestic market, since the customer does not have to make the effort himself. In addition, our locally operating recruiters have much better access to potential software developers on site.

In addition, due to a lower wage level in the Balkan region and the elimination of direct and indirect personnel costs, the costs are lower than if local developers were directly employed in the internal team. Moreover, our employees are equipped with suitable hardware and software right from the start, so that cooperation can begin immediately.

Compared to outsourcing in distant countries, nearshoring also offers the advantage that our dedicated teams are located in the time zone of the D/A/CH market. This makes contact with the team and communication during development much easier. Also a visit on site would be possible in most cases in about two hours flight time.

On average, it takes four to six weeks from the initial inquiry to the final conclusion of the contract with the respective developer. We go through five steps, starting with the initial interview, shortlisting candidates, deciding on potential developers, interviewing them, and finally signing the contract. The structure of the dedicated team is characterized by its transparency, with our customers involved in each step and informed about the procedure.

At the beginning we conclude a framework agreement, which regulates the organizational and legal cooperation. From this point on, the hiring and recruiting phase follows. In this phase, the technology focus as well as the customer’s requirements for the dedicated team and the individual developers are precisely recorded. On this basis, the pre-selection of developers with the appropriate skills from our pool of professionals then takes place. Even at the pre-selection stage, we pay attention to the competencies of the developers and check their technical know-how.

We will then provide you with the resumes of our specialists so that you can decide on some developers with whom you will subsequently conduct interviews. As soon as you have finally decided on your new developers, the supplementary contract is concluded.

After final customer confirmation and the signing of an addendum to the master agreement, the developer is transferred to the company’s subsequent kickoff and onboarding process.

CODA.TECH’s services are not limited to working on a single project. Our goal is a long-term partnership with our customers. Therefore, we offer the possibility to make your dedicated team also a permanent integral part of your company and integrate the developers as your permanent, own employees. If you are interested or have questions about building a dedicated team simply use the form on this page to contact us.

About Us

CODA.TECH specializes in nearshore development and outsourcing development teams for small and medium-sized digital agencies and digital units. Our headquarters are in Prishtina, Kosovo. We have access to a pool of over 500 experienced developers in the entire Balkan region.